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New York University, Ph.D., M.A. in Anthropology (2015)
NY State Certificate in Culture & Media (2012)
The University of Chicago, Honors B.A. in Anthropology (2007)

About Me

Wenrui Chen is a human behavior and culture strategist with a decade of experience in health and culture research, mental health and psychotherapy, and ethnographic documentary film. As a marketing expert, she utilizes anthropological & psychotherapy training to analyze and communicate effectively with targeted populations. 

She is a fluent code switcher as both a published author in distinguished, peer-reviewed academic journals and writer/editor of content for general audiences. Her strong, adaptive interpersonal skills and global perspective are derived from years of multicultural field research. Chen is also bilingual in Mandarin and English with extensive experience in verbal and written translation. 

Currently, she is working on a book on family and psychotherapy in Beijing, and a film project on autism care in the U.S. 

Selected Filmography

Current Project: Glass Helmet (Documentary – PreProduction): How the special education system is failing high IQ, low social skills autistic children


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